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The annual transition of IFDA leadership

Incoming President Colin Yoder & Immediate Past President Scott Smith

Colin Yoder Scott Smith

This week, the annual transition of IFDA leadership once again occurred. It is a period of time where we reflect on the blessings and gifts of the previous year, and the hopes and aspirations of the year that lies ahead.  

This event often happens with little fanfare or notice to those beyond the active leadership as your daily mission of caring for your communities and the daily work of the association continues uninterrupted. 

As we look back at what was an incredible previous 12 months, we say “thank you” to  Scott Smith of Smith & Sons Funeral Home in Columbia City for his dedicated volunteer leadership as president of IFDA. We “welcome” Colin Yoder of Yoder-Culp Funeral Home in Goshen, excited for what his passion and spirit bring to this wonderful association of funeral service and community caregivers.

Both of these men entered leadership with IFDA at a time of great change and challenge.  Each of them, collectively and individually, have given great time and care to IFDA and our members.  Each of them, along with the men and women they have served with, have a deep love for our membership and our profession.  We thank them for their dedication and much needed leadership!

Here’s to a great 2023-24 under Scott’s direction and to an exciting future 2024-25 under Colin’s leadership!

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