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How to turn off iPhone's new NameDrop feature

Apple's iPhone's new iOS 17 operating system includes a feature called "NameDrop" that is activated by default on the phones of users who update their software, prompting authorities to share information on how to turn it off. 

Although it makes sharing contacts easier, some people are leery of the potential risks. Here's what to know.

What is NameDrop?
NameDrop is a feature that allows iPhone owners to share their contact information with other devices, like iPhones and watches, that they come in close contact with. It also lets users receive contacts from other people.

How does the NameDrop feature work?
All one has to do is hold their phone's screen close to the top of another person's iPhone, which will cause both devices to vibrate. Once they link, a NameDrop prompt will appear on both phone screens, allowing users to choose if they want to share and receive contact cards.

iPhone users can select what contact information, such as phone numbers and email addresses, they wish to share, according to Apple's website. 

Notably, iPhone holders have to manually authorize the transaction, it doesn't happen automatically.

How to turn off NameDrop on your iPhone
Here's how to shut off the NameDrop feature.

  1. First, go to your iPhone's settings.
  2. Then click on "General," followed by "AirDrop."
  3. Next, to turn off NameDrop, toggle the "Bringing Devices Together" sharing option button to the off position.


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