Education Foundation Scholarships


F.W. Moore Scholarship : Edy Ballard

Renee' Parker Scholarship: Samantha Erler

Bo Hagemier Scholarship: Bradley Matuszak

Isaac Ball Fellow Scholarship: Amy Fletcher



LaHayne Family Scholarship: Shane Williams

Todd Family Scholarship: Ann-Marie Kieffer

Butler Family Scholarship: Sam Steiner

French Family Scholarship: David Frederick

St. Pierre Family Scholarship: Mackenzie Yoder

IFEF Board of Directors Scholarship: Melissa Melvin


Are you a student looking for some assistance to help pay for tuition?  Already licensed and longing to attend some professional development but could use a little assistance?  If so, read on! 

The Indiana Funeral Education Foundation is committed to excellence in funeral service education and awards NINE (yes, NINE) scholarships - five professional development scholarships and four student scholarships.

The Indiana Funeral Education Foundation offers the following scholarships for students:

  • Isaac Ball Scholarship $5,000
  • Renee' Parker Scholarship $2,500
  • Bo Hagemeir Scholarship $2,500
  • Frank Moore Executive Director Scholarship $2,500

The student is to first fill out the Scholarship Application Form and then apply for any of the separate scholarships by following the submission instructions for each scholarship.

Application deadline for 2023 is March 31, 2023.

2023  Student Scholarship Application

The Indiana Funeral Education Foundation  offers the following professional scholarships:

The Indiana Funeral Education Foundation is pleased to announce the inaugural Professional Development Scholarships. The Indiana Funeral Education Foundation will offer up to five (5) $2,000 professional development scholarships. These scholarships are available to any member of IFDA - licensed and un-licensed firm staff, individual, senior, and associate members.

These annual scholarships are made possible by generous donations to the foundation. Isaac Ball Fellows are named when a donation(s) of $1000 or more is made by an individual or company.  The Indiana Funeral Education Foundation currently has over 160 Isaac Ball Fellows.

Each year, the Foundation will rename the scholarships to highlight those that are making the greatest impact to our foundation. Below are the 2022 Professional Scholarship honorees. Click on the Professional Scholarship Press Release link for more information.

  • Todd Family
  • LaHayne Family
  • French Family
  • Butler Family
  • St. Pierre Family

 Professional Scholarship Press Release

Application deadline for 2023 is March 31, 2023.

2023 Professional Scholarship Application